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Crossfit Shoulder Workout| Spartan

Crossfit Shoulder drills will help you improve as an athlete. Crossfitters need strong shoulders so they help you to:

  • Handstand push-ups and all overhead lifts can be improved.
  • Improve the overhead stability in preparation for Olympic weightlifting.
  • Improve the pull-ups.
  • Assist in the stabilization of heavier compound lifts
  • Improve the efficiency of barbell cycling


Because your shoulders are complex, multidirectional joints, make sure you warm up properly before attempting any of these exercises. These mobility exercises can also help you strengthen and protect your shoulders, ligaments, and tendons.

Spartan Shoulder Workout-

DB Press Half Kneeling with Band Row

how to improve inverted rows

“Combining push and pull into a single workout is an excellent way to test the brain’s muscle coordination and knowledge of diverse activity patterns.

These are fantastic for scapular support and shoulder power. Combine this lift with a core move of your choosing for an excellent upper-body workout.”

Raise with Single-Arm Trap 3 and DB Isometric Row

The Trap 3 raise is an exercise that we recommend to clients and athletes to help them develop scapular depression and control. The lower trap (Trap 3) aids in the stabilization of the shoulder blade during dynamic overhead motions.

Crossfit shoulder exercises – It is important to ensure that the scapula on the arm doing the lift stays down and back the whole time. Don’t allow the upper trap to take over.

Scott’s Press for a Single Arm KB Overhead Squat

single arm overhead kettlebell squat

Crossfit shoulder movements – The single-arm overhead squat is an excellent movement for improving stability and rotational ability. The inclusion of the Sotts Press at the bottom of the squat improved shoulder fatigue and served as another stability test.

Dual Kettlebell Incline Prone Row

incline dual kettlebell prone row

Vary the degree of incline of your prone rows to target various areas of the scapula. This form of isolation is excellent for providing support for dynamic upper pulling exercises later on.

In FBB progressions, consistency must still come before volatility. Begin here before progressing to bent-over rows.

Single-Arm Seated KB Press with Rack Hold

This is a KB version of the Filly Press that is excellent for those of you who enjoy KB training. The rack hold is an excellent way to improve scapular endurance while still increasing pressing power.

These two kettlebells have the same weight. If you like, you can use a heavier KB in the rack.

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