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The Importance of Cardio

Cardiological exercise, also called aerobic, is any rhythmic activity which increases the rate of your heart into the zone of your goal. This is the region of which the most fat and calories are burnt.

when to do cardio for fat loss
when to do cardio for fat loss

Why Cardio is Important

Your heart is healthy because of cardio. Regular fitness workout will actually boost the heart’s rhythm and reduce the risk of heart disease. So if heart disease gets better, how do you know? This is measurable! This is measurable! Watch the restful heart rate consistently and watch it get lower for a longer time.

Additional cardio workout advantages include:

  • A healthy heart contributes later in life to a healthier brain
  • Enhances healing from multiple illnesses
  • Enhances bone density (especially with high impact forms of cardio)
  • Improves cardiopulmonary machine performance (i.e. the lungs work better, and the body delivers oxygen to the muscles more effectively)
  • Best way to practise calories and therefore lose weight
  • Helps to manage depression and other aspects of mental health
  • Cutting Burden
does cardio burn fat or calories
Does cardio burn fat or calories

Most Effective Cardio Workout

For no excuse, we did not just make 8fit HIIT workouts. HIIT contrasts bursts of high intensity with intervals of rest or less intensity (e.g. a 30-second sprint followed by 30-second rest or 20 seconds of burpees followed by 10 seconds of rest). You can stretch the boundaries and achieve amazing results with this combination.

The best part of the HIIT is that, in our humble judgment, you, your size, and your health levels are not the universal “proper” or “standardizes.” This means HIIT will work for you, regardless of who you are or what your health is.

Will Cardio Burn Fat

Calorie balance is reduced by fat loss. Eat more to add weight than the upkeep. To lose weight, eat less than your upkeep.

Cardio is only important if it increases your maintenance (more calories are expended by exercise = better maintenance) by placing you in a calorie deficit. It can also accelerate your weight loss by using it to increase your calorie deficit.

why is cardio important for the heart
why is cardio important for the heart

If you only eat enough calories to make sure that you’re not in any shortage, you can do hours and hours of cardiovascular to lose weight.

You may still lose some weight without cardiovascular activity. You consume less calories than you eat. That is my way (I hate cardio). If I did some more exercise, I could lose weight quicker, but I don’t need to.

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